A Baker’s Delight: Riccle Piping Bags Set Review


For bakers passionate about creating beautiful cakes, cupcakes, and pastries, the Riccle Piping Bags and Tips Set is a dream come true. Boasting a robust selection of tools, this 124-piece cake decorating kit is designed to delight decorators from all walks of life.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Riccle’s set equips you to add those perfect flourishes to your edible creations. Let’s frost our way through the features and benefits of this comprehensive decorating toolkit.


Riccle has designed a cake decorating set that marries functionality with convenience. The 100 anti-burst, 12-inch disposable piping bags are a testament to this, capable of handling the vigorous pressure of piping without fail.

The set’s 16 stainless steel piping tips come in various shapes and sizes, allowing bakers to design a myriad of patterns and textures. The kit also includes 1 reusable pastry bag, ideal for those who frequently indulge in cake decorating or prefer an eco-friendlier option.


Performance is where the Riccle Piping Bags and Tips Set shines. The disposable piping bags are thick and sturdy, ensuring they don’t burst under the pressure of thick icing. The stainless steel tips are precision-crafted, offering clean and defined piping results. With the inclusion of cake scrapers, couplers, and icing bag ties, decorators can achieve a professional finish on all their confectionary projects.


Anti-Burst Piping BagsHigh-quality disposable bags that can withstand the pressure of piping.
Stainless Steel Tips16 diverse tips to create a wide range of designs and textures.
Reusable Pastry BagDurable and washable bag for repeated use.
Cake ScrapersSet of 3 for creating smooth sides and textured patterns on cakes.
Couplers2 couplers included for easy tip changes without swapping bags.
Icing Bag Ties2 ties that secure bags and prevent icing from leaking while decorating.
Easy to UseSuitable for decorators of all skill levels.
Value for MoneyComprehensive kit with 124 pieces provides excellent value.
DurabilitySturdy tools designed for longevity.


The disposable nature of most of the piping bags makes cleanup incredibly easy—simply use and discard. The reusable pastry bag and stainless steel tips can be washed and dried for the next use, which is straightforward thanks to the non-stick materials and quality construction.


While the market is saturated with various cake decorating kits, the Riccle Piping Bags and Tips Set holds a competitive edge with its combination of quantity, quality, and user-friendliness. The kit provides a wide array of tools, catering to a range of decorating techniques, which makes it stand out from its competitors.

Pros and Cons

  • Varied selection of high-quality stainless steel tips.
  • A substantial number of disposable bags for ease of use.
  • Reusable pastry bag included for sustainability.
  • Additional accessories like scrapers, couplers, and icing bag ties enhance the decorating process.
  • Disposable bags may not be preferred by those looking for eco-friendly options.

Final Verdict

In summary, the Riccle Piping Bags and Tips Set is a must-have for anyone interested in cake decorating. It’s a kit that combines versatility with ease of use, making it a suitable choice for decorators at any skill level.

The durable tools, coupled with thoughtful inclusions like icing bag ties and scrapers, provide everything needed to create stunning, delicious masterpieces. Act on your passion for baking and let Riccle help you pipe your way to perfection.

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A Baker’s Delight: Riccle Piping Bags Set Review
A Baker’s Delight: Riccle Piping Bags Set Review

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