Beat the Heat with the Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker


As the mercury rises and the days grow longer, nothing quenches your thirst quite like a chilled glass of iced tea or coffee. With the Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker, 1 EA, Blue, TM1RB, you can wave goodbye to the sweltering kitchen heat and hello to quick, refreshing beverages brewed right at home. This iced tea maker is designed to be user-friendly, so you can enjoy your favorite iced teas and coffees without the fuss and with all the flavor.


Sporting an appealing blue color, the Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker is made to complement the aesthetics of a modern kitchen. The compact dimensions of 11.5″D x 7″W x 13.6″H mean it won’t take up much counter space, and with a 2-quart pitcher capacity, it’s the perfect size for serving several glasses of your favorite iced drinks. Made from durable plastic, it promises both longevity and ease of use.


Mr. Coffee’s iced tea maker is all about performance with simplicity. Operating at a power of 700 watts, it efficiently brews both tea bags and loose tea to create the perfect iced tea or coffee. Adding to its functionality, the programmed cleaning cycle ensures the maintenance of the machine is as seamless as your drink preparation.


Capacity2-quart pitcher, perfect for gatherings or personal use.
VersatilityBrews both iced tea and iced coffee, whether from bags or loose tea.
ConvenienceProgrammable features including auto shut-off after the brewing cycle.
QualityRemovable brew basket that simplifies the insertion and removal of tea.
SafetyAutomatic shut-off function to save energy and ensure safety.


The ease of cleaning is a significant advantage of the Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker. It features a programmed cleaning cycle that takes the guesswork out of maintenance, and the removable brew basket can be detached easily for a quick rinse. Simple everyday care will extend the life of this iced tea maker, ensuring many summers of delightful beverage concoctions.


In the realm of iced beverage makers, the Mr. Coffee TM75 stands out for its simplicity and dedicated functionality. Customer ratings reflect satisfaction in ease of use, cleaning, and the flavor of the beverages it produces. Its straightforward design and programmable nature make it a strong candidate against more complex and often less intuitive models.

Pros and Cons

Consider these points before choosing the Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker as your summer companion:

  • 2-quart capacity ideal for serving multiple drinks at once.
  • Versatile use for both iced tea and iced coffee.
  • Programmable features for convenience and safety.
  • Easy to clean with a removable brew basket and cleaning cycle.
  • Attractive design with a vibrant blue color.
  • Made from plastic, it may not have the premium feel of glass or metal brewers.
  • Limited to a 2-quart capacity, which may not be enough for large parties.

Final Verdict

For those hot summer days and balmy evenings when all you want is a refreshing, cold beverage, the Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker proves to be a valuable kitchen ally. With the ability to brew both iced tea and coffee, it caters to varied tastes and preferences. The ease of use, combined with its considered safety features, make it a smart choice for any household. If you’re in the market for a dedicated iced beverage maker, the TM75 is a blend of convenience, simplicity, and delicious results. Stay cool and refreshed all summer long with Mr. Coffee by your side.

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Beat the Heat with the Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker
Beat the Heat with the Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker
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