KitchenAid Ribbed Soft Silicone Water Resistant Pot Holder Set


In the bustling world of culinary arts and daily cooking scuffles, a trusty pot holder set can be your unsung hero in the kitchen. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, the KitchenAid Pot Holder Set, with its unique blend of stylish design and practicality, should be a staple in your cooking arsenal.

These nifty Silicone Water Resistant Pot Holders are not just about keeping your fingers safe from the scorching heat; they’re about injecting confidence into your culinary endeavors, ensuring your focus remains on cooking up a storm, rather than dodging kitchen mishaps.


The KitchenAid Ribbed Soft Silicone Water Resistant Pot Holder Set sports a sleek ‘Milkshake’ color, setting a tone of understated elegance for any kitchen theme. These pot holders are designed to be functional yet visually appealing. With the silicone side flaunting a ribbed pattern, the set offers an extra grip that comes in handy when things get slippery.

The rectangular shape, measuring 7 by 9 inches, is thoughtfully sized to handle a variety of hot cookware, and the hanging loop is a clever addition for convenient storage that also allows the holders to be showcased as part of your kitchen decor.


A pot holder’s primary job is to protect your hands from burns, and the KitchenAid Pot Holder Set does this with aplomb. Heat resistance up to a scorching 500 degrees Fahrenheit means you can shuffle pots and pans on and off the stove without a second thought.

The cotton and polyester blend provides a comforting yet sturdy barrier against heat, ensuring that even in the most heated moments, your poise in the kitchen remains unshaken.


MaterialCotton/Polyester Blend, Silicone
Dimensions9″ x 7″
Heat ResistanceUp to 500°F
Water ResistanceYes
CleaningWipe Clean Only
DesignRibbed for Extra Grip
Set Includes2 Pot Holders with Hanging Loop
ColorMilkshake (Muted Pink)
Weight3.2 ounces per pot holder


Practicality extends to cleaning as well with the Silicone Water Resistant Pot Holder Set. Dealing with kitchen spills and stains is inevitable, but thanks to their wipe-clean-only care instructions, keeping these pot holders spotless is a cinch.

The waterproof nature of the silicone side repels liquids, so whether it’s a soup spill or a sauce splatter, a quick rinse under water and a wipe-down will have them looking as good as new in no time.


Every kitchen accessory has its rivals, and the KitchenAid Pot Holder Set is no exception. However, what sets these pot holders apart from their competition is the combination of high heat resistance, waterproof features, and the premium design that KitchenAid consistently delivers. While other pot holders might offer one or two of these benefits, finding a set that checks all the boxes while still being stylish is indeed a rare find.

Pros and Cons

  • Exceptional heat resistance up to 500°F
  • Complements modern kitchen aesthetics
  • Waterproof and slip-resistant silicone adds an extra layer of safety
  • Convenient cleaning with a simple wipe-down
  • Durable cotton/polyester blend for added comfort and insulation
  • Limited to wipe clean only; not machine washable
  • Available in one color, which may not suit all kitchen decors

Final Verdict

In sum, if you’re in the market for a new kitchen sidekick, the KitchenAid Pot Holder Set should make your shortlist. Not only do they perform well under pressure, but they also add a touch of class to your kitchen.

Whether you’re flipping flapjacks or simmering stews, these pot holders will ensure your hands remain as cool as a cucumber, making them a perfect addition to any kitchen. After all, having the right tools is half the battle in cooking, and with these stainless steel bread knives in hand, you’re well on your way to culinary victory.

KitchenAid Ribbed Soft Silicone Water Resistant Pot Holder Set
KitchenAid Ribbed Soft Silicone Water Resistant Pot Holder Set

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